What is Creative Counselling?

Creative Counselling combines talking therapies with creative interventions. As a model, Creative Counselling fundamentally respects a counsellors core training model (Integrative, Person-Centred, Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Transactional Analysis) and compliments the core approach with Creative Interventions. When we work from a Creative Counselling approach, we prioritise our clients’ preferences placing them at the core of the work and meeting them where they are at through their own lens (photography), witnessing their story playing out (role play), and experiencing their world through their own words (poetry). We give expression, movement, a voice, a shape, a symbol, a metaphor and colour to a client’s experience bringing it to life in a way that often words alone can’t do.


Doodle Your Worries Away – Written by Creative Counsellors Founder Tanja Sharpe

This creative doodle book was created for young people who worry and includes 50 doodle ideas to explore self-esteem, friendships, trust and other important topics.

CPCAB Endorsed Creative Counsellors Training Pathway (for qualified counsellors & trainees in placement)

Offering you nine nurturing, compassionate and creative counselling training modules, delivered online;

  • Module 1: Introduction to Creative Counselling & Grounding Tools
  • Module 2: Working Creatively with Trauma
  • Module 3: Working Creatively with Symbols
  • Module 4: Working Creatively with Fairytales, Stories & Characters
  • Module 5: Working Creatively with Cards, Photos & Images
  • Module 6: Working Creatively with Art & Colour
  • Module 7: Working Creatively with Clay
  • Module 8: Working Creatively in the Sand
  • Module 9: Working Creatively with Nesting Dolls

Creative Counsellors Membership

CPD Training In Creative Counselling Interventions

The Creative Counsellors Membership Hub is a self-study online training platform. It contains a wealth of resources to help you support your clients through offering creative counselling interventions. The hub is regularly updated with new training, which you can access at any time while you’re a paying member. When you join the membership you get:

  • Immediate access to 100+ hours of creative counselling CPD
  • A private learning area to access the courses and talks at any time
  • An easy to navigate platform which allows you to learn at your own pace
  • Support from our team to confidently integrate these creative interventions into your work
  • Proof of CPD that counts toward your yearly requirements
  • Priority and discounted tickets to online and face to face events where possible
  • Weekly nurturing peer reflection circles on Zoom to network and reflect on the creative interventions topics

(only £10/month)

Join over 9,000 Like-Minded Creative Counsellors In Our Free Facebook Community

Our Facebook group is the first and largest Creative Counsellors Community in the world. Become part of a thriving community where you feel safe, nurtured and valued. It’s a space for you to share your thoughts and feelings in a welcoming community of non-judgemental peers.

Get access to peer support, free CPD training, and the opportunity to contribute to the development and direction of our community. Our founder Tanja Sharpe recently won the Digital Women Community Leader of The Year Award and was a finalist in the CMX Community Leadership Awards. We were also recently awarded a Facebook Community Leadership Award – recognising the work that our community does in supporting creative counsellors, organisations and the general public.


Creative Counsellors Retreats

Join us for an amazing 4-day retreat in the beautiful Welsh Hills.

  • Disconnect from the intensity of your work
  • Spend creative time exploring your inner world
  • Soak up the power of nature and community
  • Enjoy the nurturing warmth of a like-minded group of your peers

The retreat offers a variety of experiences – from quiet misty mornings around the lake to creative storytelling around the fire at night. Switch off, recharge, and explore the power of creativity for your own healing. Spaces fill up quickly.

#CreativeCounsellorsWrite - Articles written by counsellors for counsellors

A Journey of Self-Discovery through Gardening with Cara Cramp

The line that talks By Honorata

Visual Repetition By Honorata

Creative Counsellors Tools & Tips

Each month we highlight our members stories and share Creative Counselling tools and resources, plus give you priority access to tickets and events details!

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