Meet our Ambassadors

A dedicated team of counsellors, facilitating & promoting creative counselling across the UK & beyond

Our Ambassadors are on a mission to inspire more counsellors to bring creativity in to their counselling room and are working hard to raise the profile of Creative Counselling in the UK and globally. We now have members from 99 different countries and continue to connect communities, organisations and counsellors. They are an incredible and diverse team and we are always growing!

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Tracy Dunning

Hi I’m Tracy, an ambassador for the northeast. I am an Integrative Creative Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor.
I joined the CC just before lockdown and everyone helped me feel like I had found my tribe.
I learnt so much about creativity and how we can help our clients when they may be “stuck” with their words. Using our creative sides can be the answer when we didn’t even know we had a question.
Our lovely tribe gave me the confidence to become a clinical supervisor and I am preparing to open creative 1-1 supervision and group supervision up here in the northeast.
I was honoured to be invited to contribute to Tanya’s book and shared my WorryBuddies™️ with you all and that little ™️ symbol would not have been added if I hadn’t had the support from her.
I aim to give back as much as what the CC has given to me.
If you’re new to CC welcome to our tribe, if you are part of our tribe thank you for being part of my family.

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Cara Cramp

Hi my name is Cara and I am a qualified Child and Adolescent Therapist with a
Masters Degree in Play and Creative Art Therapy. I work with children and parents
together or children and young people on their own. I also offer Heart2Heart
child & parent attachment building sessions to help build and maintain parent/child relationships. I am based in Leicestershire.

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Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar

Hello I am Yasmin, in private practice based in North Yorkshire. I am the founder of Polyvagal Teen and on a mission to help create generations of young people & families become "Polyvagal Aware". My work focuses on helping parents, educators, and caregivers build better bonds with their teens through my creative resources, programs and courses.

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Christine Cooper

Hello, I'm Christine and that’s the easy part. I am originally from New York (no, not the city – one and a half hours north of it. It is a big state) and moved here 19 years ago after marrying someone from here. I am a qualified counsellor and supervisor and I love working creatively with clients and supervisees. I have my own private practice and also through another branch of my business run workshops for wellbeing which always have a creative element to them. I also
teach Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 counselling courses and often work creatively with students in the classroom. Basically, you can usually find me with something in my hands from a needle felt needle, to homemade play dough and everything in between. The messier the better!

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Tracy O'Shea

Hi, I am Tracy and I am a proud Ambassador for Creative Counsellors. My experience comes from working at NRICC (rape crisis) for 7 years, CRI (drug and alcohol misuse) 3 years, MIND-BLMK 3 years, 2 years working in a suicide and bereavement charity and many years in Private Practice. I also worked with Children and families for 8 years with Milton Keynes Council and have worked with families with complex difficulties. I am a Therapeutic Counsellor and I work mainly in an Integrative and Creative way, never forgetting my Person’ Centred core values, always putting the needs of the client first. This means I have many counselling "tools" in my toolbox and will use the approach that I feel fits with you and your emotional uniqueness and needs. The therapeutic space is yours to explore the difficulties you are facing right now. Working creatively to explore emotions when words just will not come, or there are no words. It is like unravelling a knotted ball of wool, or peeling back the layers of your life, like the layers of an onion. Life is not always easy, I am here to listen to your story, and be with you on your journey. I am passionate about helping to spread the word of the benefits of creativity in counselling and have a special interest in creative writing for therapy.

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Karen McCaldon

Hi, I'm Karen. I work full time for the Local Authority as a Senior SEND Lead worker and also have my own private counselling practice. I deliver parenting courses for parents with SEND children as part of my job too. I offer creative tools and appropriate interventions to support change as an integrative and collaborative counsellor , incorporating many theories in my work and the use of creative interventions.

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Sheryl Peberdy

I am a play therapist and support worker, working in house for the local authority and also privately. I work with children from 4 years to 25 years on 1:1 basis. My role as a support worker is dedicated to supporting Special Guardian families and Adopters. I specialise in Therapeutic life Story Work using the Richard Rose Model which creatively explores a child's journey together with their family.

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Rhiannon Davies

My name is Rhiannon. I am an integrated counsellor, wellness coach, Stylist and Mosaic Artist.
My business is Mirror Self and as the name implies finding an understanding that's one's own reflection in a mirror is an image of oneself, as opposed to believing that one is looking at another individual.
My goals and aspirations are to create change inside others in a safe and supporting environment creating conversations that can make you laugh and cry but growing your strength at your pace until you feel stronger.
I have run my own business for over 30 years, been a single parent of 2 amazing young adults a bereaved mum to 1 baby.
I have taught in local college and run mosaic workshops.
I love the great outdoors and four legged friends as opposed to indoors and four walls. Getting the balance right in our forever changing lives is difficult but creating a mosaic as we rebuild ourselves bit by bit combining our diversity with pieces of mirror, wavy edges, broken pieces, bad choices, ugly truths as we are not neat, tidy but we are filled with soul, grace and a comeback to become the truest reflection of who we are.
Being an artist of your own life is ok and not giving that hand to anyone else is your gift to you.

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Honorata Chorazy-Przybysz

Hi, I am a qualified Integrative Counsellor and expressive artist, and I facilitate the Creative Counsellors "Awakening Your Creativity" workshops for members as well as contributing to regular blog articles. I also deliver sessions to Public Health, Mind, community arts organisations and mental health services. I have a passion for the healing power of arts and creativity is my driving force behind therapeutic work, I love working in my visual journals and create sessions that can prove every person has a creative spark that can be awakened. Recently I also started mentoring and training therapeutic professionals wanting to use creativity and visual arts in their work but needing to build their own confidence. This resulted in a ripple effect and seeing how transformational creativity can be.

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Kathleen Copeland

I am a Person Centred Creative counsellor working in private practice in Glasgow. Alongside in person sessions I also offer 'walk and talk sessions' in a local park, and through this I have connected with a local charity, with whom I now partner with, to deliver outdoor creative groups for the local community. This is something that I have high hopes of developing further.

I'm Neurodivergent (ADHD) and I have a special interest in working with Neurodivergent clients. I'm always happy to chat to people about my lived experience. I find it important that more understanding about this is accessible.

I'm passionate about working with creativity and helping people reconnect with that part of themselves. I am excited to be working on developing Creative Counsellors networking groups in Scotland and would love to meet with more local creative counsellors for mutual inspiration and support.

The three words I use that reflect on my work are 'Creativity, Curiosity, Connection'

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Leigh Wright

My name is Leigh and I'm your ambassador for Rutland & surrounding areas. I'm a Person-Centred and Creative Counsellor and Supervisor, currently working from my private practice in Stamford.
I am incredibly passionate about my work, being out in nature and creating newness; whether this be with clients who use sessions to create newness in their lives, with supervisees who create newness in their practice or even finding different ways of creating newness in my own life.
I strongly believe that creativity is about flow and tapping in to what the whole person needs to feel safe, respected, heard and seen, which is why I am a strong advocate for including creativity in counselling work regardless of modality.

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Becoming a creative counsellors ambassador

Our ambassadors are our team on the ground and we are an ever growing group so if you would like to find out more information or to get in touch then you can email me at eviesharpe@creativecounsellors.org