Creative Counsellors Book Club: Transitioning, endings and new beginnings

4th September 2017

Book One

Our first book club share is this beautifully written book around using play to say Goodbye. This manual offers to guide child psychotherapists and counsellors through a variety of terminations, both planned endings of successful therapies and premature endings to life circumstances for clients and therapists. Abrupt unplanned terminations are also discussed through playful themes!

Book Two

The second book that we would like to share is around supporting young people with ADHD in schools. This book explores topics around transitioning and how to manage this creatively.

Book Three

Our third book looks at SAD and how the changing weather can affect our moods and experiences. It explores a range of effective strategies and preventive measures which can help us to feel healthy and productive, even on the darkest days. Leading SAD expert Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal guides you step by step.

Book Four

Our fourth book looks at the changes that we can experience when we lose a baby. The heartache of miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death affects thousands of U.S. families every year. Empty Cradle, Broken Heart, Third Edition offers reassurance to parents who struggle with anger, guilt, and despair during and after such a tragedy. In this new and updated edition, Deborah Davis encourages grieving and strives to cover many different kinds of loss.

Book Five

Our fifth book explores supporting transgender youth. Supporting Transgender and Gender Creative Youth brings together cutting-edge research, social action methods, and theory on the topic of transgender youth and gender creative children. Organised in three sections covering theoretical and clinical, educational, and community perspectives, the chapters specifically address issues and challenges in education, social work, medicine, and counselling as well as recommendations that are relevant for parents, families, practitioners, and educators alike.

Book Six

Our sixth book explores strategies to support young people with an autism spectrum condition through the transition process in schools. The first part of the book explains how to create individualised transition plans for each child, and describes how school staff can collaborate successfully with parents and carers. Part two contains a wealth of practical, photocopiable resources for use directly with pupils on the autism spectrum that help to address their most frequent support needs, including sensory sensitivities, anxiety issues and difficulties with planning and organisation. The resources can be used in a pick and choose way based on the individual needs of the child.

Developed and trialled extensively by the Social Communication Disorders Clinic at Great Ormond Street Hospital, this handbook will be an invaluable resource for SENCOs, teachers, autism support workers, educational psychologists and other professionals working with pupils with ASD.

Book Seven

Our seventh book is a personal favourite and helps to bridge the transition when you begin to study counselling. With over 100, 000 copies sold, First Steps in Counselling remains the text of choice for both students and tutors participating in introductory courses. Setting the standard for approachable entry-level books, the 4th revised edition provides an absolutely up-to-date text for today’s students, covering theory, personal development and building helping skills.

Book Eight

Our last book for today has been written by our very own admin member Tanja. It is a book written for parent/carers around the struggles of raising young people with an extra-ordinary need. Are you a parent or carer for someone with Autism, Aspergers or ADHD? Do you struggle to get the support you need from family and friends? I wrote this book is for you, with a little help from my friends! I’m a qualified Therapist and mom to a 16 year old with Aspergers and ADHD so I know your BATTLE well. The sleepless nights, meltdowns after school, anxiety, depression & suicidal thoughts can leave us feeling lonely, isolated and heart-broken. Let me guide you through new ways to SURVIVE AND THRIVE ON THE SPECIAL NEEDS BATTLEFIELD Love Tanja P.S Includes a bonus letter written by a loving grandparent for grandparents!

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