Complaints Policy

Creative Counsellors procedure for dealing with complaints

We hope that you won’t need to make a complaint and that you are happy with our services. However we do understand that sometimes we might get things wrong and your experience and feedback matters to us. With this in mind, we have created a complaints policy that we will adhere to, so that you can be assured that we will take your complaint seriously.

We aim to listen to all views of anyone who uses our services, and to learn from mistakes to actively improve our services to the community.

We wish to encourage comments, compliments, and complaints about our services. Feedback is welcomed as part of our approach to the overall development and enhancement of the quality of our services.

Complaints are an expression of dissatisfaction with a service and we understand that this may be the case for you.

We are confident that when we are aware of a problem, we can remedy it quickly and we are committed to taking all complaints seriously by:

  • Making the process of complaining as straightforward and easy as possible
  • Listening and responding to all written complaints
  • Investigation in a through and professional manner
  • Informing you of any outcome
  • Using the information gathered to improve our services
  • Making sure our complaints service is accessible to all
  • Ensuring confidentiality is preserved during the investigation of a complaint to safeguard the interests of everyone concerned, unless disclosure is necessary to progress the complaint

Any complaint will be raised as a formal complaint and we ask that this is done in writing and within 7 days of completing the course or attending an event, so that we can best take action to rectify any issues raised.

Anyone can raise an issue or make a formal complaint by contacting Gaynor Rimmer by email on gaynorrimmer@creativecounsellors.org and we will acknowledge your complaint within 7 days of receipt.

Investigating Officer: Gaynor Rimmer

On receiving your complaint, Gaynor will conduct a thorough and fair review of the complaint and will speak to all parties concerned: this may involve contacting you for more information to support the process. We would contact you on the email that we hold for you.

At the end of the investigation, you will be contacted by Gaynor to inform you of the outcome of the investigation. You would normally be notified within 21 working days of its receipt (although this is subject to extension, subject to staff availability due to holidays, illness).

If it is found that the complaint was justified, then action will be taken as soon a possible to address the situation. If the complaint is found to be unjustified, then no further action will be taken. You have the right to appeal by writing to Tanja Sharpe (tanjasharpe@creativecounsellors.org) within 15 days of the outcome.

Appeals: Once Tanja Sharpe has received your appeal in writing, she will review, analyse and investigate the original findings. On completion of the review Tanja will either.

  1. Uphold the original decision
  2. Change the outcome based on evidence presented.
  3. Continue and extend the investigation.

Tanja Sharpe will inform you of the outcome of the appeal and this is the final stage of the internal complaint’s procedure within Creative Counsellors.

This policy applies to all Creative Counsellors events, training and other services.