Supporting Counsellors

Ending counsellor isolation & burnout through retreats, conferences & gatherings

Counsellor Retreats

Our annual retreat gives you the space to connect with like-minded counsellors. Spend time away from your daily work and offer yourself the time to recharge and heal from what can often feel like an isolating and challenging role.


Counsellor Conferences

A full day of connecting and networking with other creatively-minded counsellors. Be inspired by creative and empowering speakers and learn new skills in our creative workshops. A delicious, healthy lunch, plenty of cake and refreshments are provided.

Find a regional group near to you

We have Ambassadors who facilitate regional groups across the UK and beyond. In 2019, we held more than 50 face to face networking events for counsellors with an aim to end counsellor isolation. This was a huge success!