Creative Counsellors Online Training

Bringing counsellors together to develop creative therapeutic skills & community

A nurturing, compassionate and creative online training experience

Enrolling in this 2022 package offers you;

  • Nine unique modules delivered over 8 days plus one self study module of 4 hours
  • Complimentary Creative Counsellors Membership for three months (worth £30)
  • Complimentary ticket to attend our Annual Creative Counsellors Conference (worth £25)
  • Complimentary ticket to attend our Creative Counsellors Annual Wellbeing Day  (worth £20)
  • Creative Counsellors Membership Facebook Community to meet & connect with peers
  • Access to new weekly CPD training videos delivered within your members hub and Facebook community for the duration of your programme
  • An invite to join our bi-weekly Peer Reflection Circles on Zoom


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Our aims for this programme are

  • To create an affordable & recognised Creative Counselling CPD Pathway
  • To build confidence in offering Creative Counselling interventions alongside your core modality
  • To provide practical, experiential and up to date training
  • To create a safe, nurturing, inclusive and supportive training environment
  • To create community fellowship around our training, offering more space to connect and share our thoughts, ideas and inspirations together

Explore Nine Creative Counselling Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Creative Counselling and Grounding Tools

In this first module we explore Creative Counselling and what it means to be creative. We also explore Tanja Sharpe’s “Create Circle” approach and other useful theories and approaches to support your creative counselling practice. Panic attacks, flashbacks, nightmares and sleep paralysis are just some of the issues clients bring into the counselling room. In this module we explore a variety of creative grounding tools and interventions. These support and empower clients inside and outside the therapy room. Grounding supports us as counsellors to hold the client safely, therefore reducing the potential for vicarious trauma and burnout

  • Working with all of our senses when grounding for both client and counsellor
  • Practical tools for before, during and after session
  • Practical & creative grounding exercises
  • Demonstration of grounding tools
  • Creativity as a grounding tool
  • Symbols, breathing & art for anchoring/grounding
  • Fight, Flight & Freeze
  • Mind, Body & Feelings in the grounding process

Module 2: Working Creatively with Trauma in Creative Counselling

Trauma presents in many ways within the counselling room and in this module we will explore how we can support clients when words alone are not enough. We will explore the central nervous system and fight, flight or freeze from a creative approach. We will look at the different types of trauma that clients may present with and explore creative interventions and tools to support them to express themselves including:

  • Fight, Flight & Freeze
  • Working Creatively with Survivors of Sexual Violence / Domestic Violence
  • CCC – Check in, Create, Check Out Process
  • Pacing
  • Dissociation
  • Trauma Bonding
  • Nurturing exercises to support trauma work
  • MBFI – Mind, Body, Feelings, Intuition in Trauma Work

Module 3: Working Creatively with Symbols

The nurturing mother. The fiery & protective dragon. The wise old owl. The healing angel. The entertaining joker.

We use symbols everyday without recognising it. We are creatures of metaphor and this can be very helpful when supporting clients to explore their own perceptions, beliefs, experiences, relationships and emotions. Symbolism is one of the pillars of creative counselling and it helps us to see things from a clients perspective. In this training we will explore how to safely work with symbols, empowering our clients while nurturing autonomy.

In this CPD, we will explore:

  • The what, how and who of symbols?
  • Ethical considerations when working with symbols
  • Exploring Archetypes, symbols & their meanings to you
  • Exploring the conscious and unconscious connection
  • Essential symbols to collect and how to build your resources
  • Light and shadow work with symbols

Module 4: Working Creatively with Fairytales, Stories & Characters

n this CPD we will take a journey “down the rabbit hole” and explore different ways that we can support clients to express their story. Can you sometimes relate to feeling like Alice, stuck in a strange and overwhelming world? Or frustrated like Sebastian the crab felt, when no one paid any attention to him? Imagine what it might feel like if you could jump on a magic carpet and go anywhere? Where would you go, who or what would you leave behind and who or what would you take with you? In this CPD, we will explore:

  • Stories as a tool for exploring our life experiences and the roles we play
  • The unconscious & conscious connectors
  • Creative metaphors in storytelling
  • A live demonstration of working with stories
  • How to support your clients to tell their story
  • Working virtually with characters, stories & fairytales
  • Connecting with characters as a healing tool
  • Mind, Body & Feelings when working with stories

Module 5: Working Creatively with Cards, Photos & Images

Images capture life. They capture a moment in time. They capture thoughts, feelings and emotions. In counselling we can help clients to explore their own story through photography and images. Helping clients to process their grief, love, fear, anger, hopes, dreams and goals through imagery. This offers us a way of holding space, when words alone are not enough . Imagery works on many different levels within the brain and the body. In this CPD module, we invite you to take a visual and creative journey with us, while we explore:

  • Life through a lens
  • The conscious & unconscious process
  • A live demonstration of working with images
  • An opportunity to explore your own life through images
  • Working virtually with images & photos
  • Building your images collection for counselling work
  • Mind, Body & Feelings when working with images

Module 6: Working Creatively with Art & Colour

From cavemen to colour festivals! Art and colour has always featured in our lives. The therapeutic use of art can be more powerful as a communicator than our words and can often act as the bridge between the conscious and unconscious. “I stopped and looked at the mess that I had created on the paper. Then my heart started to race & I stopped breathing! Right there in the middle of the blue blob, I saw the face of my late father staring back at me. His smiling, caring and loving face. I was overwhelmed with joy!” TA

In this CPD, we will explore:

  • Our connection with colour and its personal meaning for us
  • Free art vs a structured exercises
  • The creative process – pacing and exploring together
  • A live demonstration on working with art & colour
  • Practical and creative exercises for a range of presenting issues
  • Therapeutic use of Mandalas
  • Mind, Body & Feelings when working with art & colour

Module 7: Working Creatively with Clay

Some of the earliest symbols found to date were created from clay. From clay pots, to small dolls to intricate tokens. Clay has always been a part of our lives.

Clay is a natural and sensory based therapeutic tool which enables clients to shape their stories, feelings, emotions and experiences into symbols. Because of the sensory nature of clay it can also be a wonderfully grounding tool. Many counsellors work with clay in the counselling room and it can also be a nurturing way to support own self-care. In this CPD, we will explore:

  • Origins of Clay Therapy
  • Working with different types of clay
  • Construction techniques when working with clay
  • A live demonstration on working with clay
  • Exploring clay art and mandalas
  • Exploring symbolism in Clay Therapy
  • Integrating other natural elements within clay work
  • Create a clay symbol for your Creative Counselling Toolkit
  • Mind, Body & Feelings when working with clay

Module 8: Working Creatively in the Sand

“Counsellors are lighthouses, guiding others safely to shore”

Working in the sand offers us a powerful way of helping clients to express their inner story with symbols. It offers us an anchoring & grounding tool as well as a multi-sensory experience which naturally incorporates Mind, Body & Feelings. This also offers us a way as counsellors to self-care, while releasing any trapped thoughts and emotions we may be holding on to. Join us on this sand adventure:

  • Exploring archetypes and symbols in the sand
  • Creative sand visualisation as a grounding tool
  • Creating sand worlds
  • Exploring relationships in the sand
  • Light & shadow work
  • The conscious and unconscious connection in the sand
  • Sharing our stories – “We are people before counsellors”
  • Mind, Body & Feelings in the sand

Module 9: Working Creatively with Nesting Dolls (This is offered as an on demand self study course + included within the full pathway price)

oth Japan and Russia claim to have invented Nesting dolls and a story that stands out to us is the one of “Fukurama”. A Japanese doll was found in 1896 at an exhibition of Japanese craftsmanship. It was said to have represented the story of a Buddhist called “Fukuruma”. The dolls waistline could be separated in two parts and inside were photos of the man as a young boy, sharing his younger self. Now many years later, Nesting Dolls have become a popular therapeutic tool to enable clients to explore parts of self, relationships, Inner Child work, family dynamics & many other topics. We shared these within our first ever Creative Counsellors Conference in 2017 and they have grown in popularity.

In this CPD, we will explore:

  • Relationships with others and self
  • Inner Child Work with nesting dolls
  • Timelines, presenting issues and practical ways of working with nesting dolls in counselling
  • How to create your own nesting dolls
  • A live demonstration on working with Nesting Dolls

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STAND ALONE MODULES: (£69.99 per module):

Working Creatively with Grounding & Stabilisation Tools – TBC

Working Creatively with Trauma – TBC

Working Creatively with Art & Colour – TBC

Working Creatively with Clay – TBC

Working Creatively in the Sand – TBC

Working Creatively with Stories, Characters & Fairytales – TBC

Working Creatively with Nesting Dolls – TBC

Working Creatively with Symbols – TBC

Working Creatively with Cards, Images and Photos – TBC


"What a wonderful experience to meet like-minded positive individuals who have a wealth of experience. What I shared and took away was invaluable from the opportunity to network with others within the field of counselling and therapies with their individual specialties to the selection and opportunity to buy specific creative products. Thank you CCA!" Caroline Peacock MBACP
Play & Creative Arts Therapist - School Based